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Chefs Best Gastro trade catalog 2016


Edition December – January 2015 / 16



As seasoned chef who has constantly expanded part-decades of work and study all stages of his professional life of seafaring large hotel chains to training of hundreds of young chefs, as well as the training of chefs his armor and knowledge, for me it was a highly interesting novelty with the Persian liquid saffron to gain experience.

As an excellent very long-lasting perfume, it is possible with this liquid saffron to stimulate food at serving optimally, the sense of smell and the sense of taste and perfect service.

Working with a bell (hood), the effect on the guest is unique. A simultaneous work with saffron is quite possible from representative reasons, but professionally and tasted not necessary because the liquid product is hard to beat in its price.

Joachim Köhler


Risotto alla milanese mit Steinpilzen

Um am heimischen Herd den Duft und Geschmack dieser Köstlichkeit selbst zu erleben, empfehle ich im Nachkochen in der Vorweihnachtszeit bzw. für die Wintermonate. Zum Rezept

Rosa gebratene Entenbrust 

dazu Schinkenrosenkohl und angeschwankte Safrannudeln. Zum Rezept