Discover Persian saffron in an exclusive liquid form to give your food a certain note and your body and mind to reproduce something good on the same train.

Why saffron in liquid form?

Incorrect handling and especially wrong dosage of saffron has given us, the company Schultz & King, to move  in  traditional manner, ready to offer saffron in liquid form.

The usual saffron threads were brought for our final consuming in liquid form in order to allow you an easy and precise handling.

The quality of preservation of this precious spice was our focus, which has succeeded only with the latest technologies and innovative practices to fill it up in bottles.

Saffron is not only a gold coloring spice, but also a highly potent remedies. Safran applies namely as natural sexual enhancers – for both, men and women. Simultaneously, saffron is effective in depression and PMS. 

Since the saffron is also strong anti-oxidative agents includes, he brings anti-inflammatory and cancer enemy properties with it. As the “little” bonus helps the appetite-suppressing saffron in losing weight. Safran is thus a real find for anyone who wants to finally enjoy life, experts say from the center of health in the Swiss canton of Lucerne.

Saffron is known in Europe from the Spanish, Italian cuisine, like in paella or risotto.

However, it is used more versatile in Oriental countries and Persia.

Saffron is excellent with fish, meat, poultry, salad and potato dishes. You can use our saffron seasoning liquor without restriction in the vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Appetizers and desserts can be tasted and visually refine.

We take our Persian saffron from a selected plantation in the province of Mashhad. The quality of saffron in the area starts with the cultivation goes beyond the harvest through to earnings.

In Germany, further production steps for our quality and the final product liquid Saffron got rightly the seal “Made in Germany”.

Liquid Saffron  is also available in all pharmacies across Germany.

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